Why I Give: Ryan Coward (’07)

Ryan Coward

I give because John Marshall prepared me to practice law on day one after I graduated. That was 11 years ago, when law schools were just starting to focus on developing lawyers who were practice-ready on the day of graduation. I received a great education at John Marshall and would like to help ensure that current and future students have that opportunity, as well.

Seeing the great things that have happened over the past several years, I’m encouraged about the future of the law school. From the development of the JMLS Veterans Clinic to the build-out of the first floor of State Street to updating the school infrastructure and facilities to the recent move to partner with UIC, I see John Marshall moving in a positive direction. Not every law school today can say that. Though these improvements aren’t cheap, the school is taking the necessary steps to ensure that it remains competitive against other regional and national law schools. Giving back to John Marshall helps.

I highly encourage others to donate to the law school. Whether it’s to one of the school’s various Community Legal Clinics, in support of a scholarship, or to the general fund, giving is important to the law school’s health, longevity, and reputation.

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