Why I Give: J. Oluchi Ifebi (’17)

Oluchi Ifebi

I give because of the opportunities and experiences UIC John Marshall provides students that help them develop and grow professionally and personally.

UIC John Marshall is an institution that welcomes and embraces people of various backgrounds and equips them with the tools necessary to be the lawyers they set out to be. Professors, like Timothy O’Neill, passionately teach their courses and equip students to passionately study and apply the law.

In every class, Professor O’Neill enthusiastically and diligently married constitutional law and criminal law into a beautiful union that kept my classmates and me rooting for a “happily ever after.” The mulling over of cases and amicable discussions left me in awe of criminal procedure and its relevance in such a unique city as Chicago, having come from the Dallas, Texas area.

Phenomenal professors, externships, and Moot Court: I give because I grew.

I never thought I would practice within the realms of criminal law or criminal procedure, but I do. I have been able to represent poor people of color in their criminal cases while defending their Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights and grow in my passion for criminal justice reform.

I support the Brody-O’Neill Endowed Faculty Scholar Fund so that others will be equipped and grow in such a lasting way during and after their time at UIC John Marshall.

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