Why I Give: Chris Jeckel (’12)

Chris Jeckels Photo

I give to John Marshall because of professors like Susan Brody.

It’s been 10 years since the first time I entered the halls of The John Marshall Law School. While I cherish all of my professors and the profound impact they had on my legal education, one professor clearly stands out—I’m talking about Professor Susan Brody. 

Professor Brody radiated all the qualities of an exceptional teacher. She made the material fun and brought the cases to life. She lectured with equal parts humor and gravitas while holding her students to the highest standards. I am truly lucky to know her and to be a former pupil.

If you had similar experiences with Professor Brody or Professor O’Neill, please consider supporting the Brody-O’Neill Endowed Faculty Scholar fund to bring more high-caliber faculty to John Marshall. 

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