Faculty Activities and Publications

Professor Celeste Hammond

Director, Center for Real Estate Law

She is serving as the Ralph Petrilli Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law this fall semester teaching the university’s only real estate course using her book Commercial Leasing: A Transactional Primer  2nd edition (Bogart & Hammond, Carolina Academic Press 2011).  Because of the emphasis on the transactional skills of interviewing, negotiating and drafting the course, offered via video teleconferencing, is helping Brandeis School of Law students fulfill skills training curriculum requirements. Hammond team teaches the course with Virginia Harding, associate director of the Center, borrowing from a version of this course taught in the John Marshall real estate curriculum.

Professor Hammond presented a lecture, “Greening Commercial Leases: A Business Response to Climate Change and Environmental Goals,” on Oct. 1, 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii for the Environmental Law Program Colloquium Series presented by the University of Hawaii Richardson School of Law. The lecture is based on research in commercial leases that she developed in preparation for the second edition of Commercial Leasing: A Transactional Primer (Bogart & Hammond, Carolina Academic Press 2011).

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