Professor Doris Long Discusses Meeting the Challenges of the ‘Shadow Internet’

July 29 – Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Professor Doris Estelle Long authored column:

“If history provides any useful lessons, not surprisingly, a new set of tools developed to support Middle East­ern freedom fighters may transform to­day’s largely territorially grounded In­ternet into a truly vibrant cyberspace — and the latest enforcement headaches for trademark and copyright owners. Between the mobile “shadow Internet” equipment reportedly being provided Middle Eastern rebels by the U.S. gov­ernment and a new domain name reg­istry that promises to eliminate the monopoly of earlier Internet protocols, we may be witnessing the birth pangs of “Internet 4.0.” Beyond the collab­oration of Internet 2.0 and the “cloud” of Internet 3.0 may lie a new digital network that has the promise of be­coming a truly borderless communica­tions media.”

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