Why I Give: Nivita Beri (’99)

Nivita Beri ('99)

I give because The John Marshall Law School provided me with a solid foundation that impacted who I am today—a Partner in Fishman Stewart PLLC’s Trademark Practice, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I have a fond appreciation and affinity for the well-reputed John Marshall Intellectual Property program, which continues to flourish year after year.

I am involved in coordinating various John Marshall alumni events in metro Detroit and the surrounding areas. Connecting with other local alumni has further sparked my interest in staying in tune with John Marshall and keeping abreast of its exciting current events. I recently visited Chicago and had the privilege of touring the law school. I was impressed with how everything is so technologically advanced and how beautiful it is inside!

Although my three years at John Marshall were the most challenging of my life, those three years shaped who I am today, and I am thankful that John Marshall will always be a part of me. Giving back as a John Marshall alumna has been rewarding, and I urge all alumni to positively reflect on their John Marshall experience and find ways to give back.

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