Why I Give: Hon. Anne Scott (’74)

Back in 1973 I found myself in Dean [Noble W.] Lee’s infamous Illinois Constitutional Law class. Like all of my classmates, I did my best to remain invisible. Then one day it happened… As usual, I had no idea what he was talking about—although I am pretty sure we had left the Visigoths behind us by then—and I was not paying attention.

Suddenly my daydreaming came to terrifying and abrupt end when I heard the Dean say “Miss O’Laughlin….?” I rose to my feet, a pit forming in my stomach, as all eyes turned on me in anticipation of the skewering I was about to receive. I heard someone behind me whisper a word. Having no clue how to save myself, I repeated the word to the Dean.

“Municipality” I said. “Well done,” he said. “You may sit down.”

It was a law school experience like no other! And one I wouldn’t trade for all the Ivy in the world.

I am grateful every day for my JMLS experience and training. My whole adult life has been one big Case Analysis scenario after another. Every challenge I have faced is a Comprehensive Exam.

I have been fortunate to be able to give back to my community with 20 years of public service in both law and government. I even served six years as an elected official of a… Municipality!  

JMLS prepared me well to serve. I am proud to support my “nourishing mother” in return.

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