Law School Showcases Practice-Ready Students in National Campaign

Jan. 19 – BizWire Express

The John Marshall Law School in Chicago is launching a new campaign that highlights the stories of its well-prepared J.D. students in a national print, online media, video testimonial and outdoor advertising campaign. The law school recruitment program launches in late January with billboards on Chicago’s transit system (CTA) and ads in PreLaw Magazine.

The “I’m Ready” campaign showcases testimonials of eight John Marshall Law School students who, before graduation, have completed externships, participated in competitions, served in student organizations and taken advantage of John Marshall’s nationally recognized clinics and programs, all while maintaining outstanding academic records. The campaign demonstrates the law practice experience and skills training students at The John Marshall Law School receive, and how these skill sets go beyond the required classroom texts. Each story sums up a student’s unique experience in preparing to be practice-ready from day one and graduating with confidence to succeed in his or her law career.

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