UIC Law Hosts Next Video in “Law in the Time of Coronavirus” Series

On August 13, UIC Law hosted “Inequities in the Time of Coronavirus,” the sixth video discussion in the Law School’s “Law in the Time of Coronavirus” series.

This virtual roundtable featured Professors Allison Bethel, Sarah Davila-Ruhaak and Renee Hatcher, all from UIC Law. They explored how xenophobia and racism have intersected with the COVID-19 pandemic and explained how that confluence has impacted their work with clinical clients. Professor Kim D. Ricardo served as moderater.

The “Law in the Time of Coronavirus” series began on April 2, when Professor Steven Schwinn hosted an interactive lecture discussion about myriad constitutional issues surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and governments’ responses to it. Since that time, UIC Law Professors Allison Bethel, Sonia Bychkov Green, Hugh Mundy, Adjunct Professor Lester Finkle and Assistant Dean Tania Luma have hosted discussions.

The programs have focused on a wide array of legal areas impacted by the coronavirus, including housing rights, prison policies and vaccines. Specific issues addressed have included whether a governor can overrule the president during COVID-19; whether a landlord can evict a tenant during or after the coronavirus pandemic if the tenant fails to pay rent; and whether COVID-19 vaccines should be mandatory. Archived recordings are available on the Law School’s YouTube page:

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