Remembering IP Center Advisory Board Chair Donald Dunner

Donald Dunner, Advisory Board Chair of UIC John Marshall Law School’s internationally renowned intellectual property program and giant among U.S. patent bar practitioners, died on Wednesday. He was 88.

“Don had an unsurpassed reputation in the patent world,” said Professor Daryl Lim, Director of UIC John Marshall’s Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law. “When I took over the IP program in 2015, we reconstituted our Advisory Board. Those of us who knew Don agreed from the start that he was the obvious choice to be Chair. He had outstanding professional accomplishments and personal qualities. His friendship, advice and support over the past four years were instrumental to our achievements.”

Dunner played a key role through the Carter Commission recommending the creation of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to hear patent appeals and testified in Congress to support its formation. He had an unrivaled record of arguing close to 175 appeals and wrote the leading treatise on Federal Circuit practice. Dunner also served in leadership positions at the national level, including the American IP Law Association and the American Bar Association’s Section of IP Law.

“Don had remarkable energy and an enthusiasm that was infectious. Despite his illness, he came earlier this year to teach a two-day intensive course on the Federal Circuit. It was excellent,” Lim recalled. “Don will be missed by many. Fortunately, we have great memories of him.”

Dunner’s daughter, Lisa Ann Dunner, is also an intellectual property law attorney. She is the managing partner at Dunner Law, a practice concentrating on trademark and copyright. She graduated from the Law School in 1995.

The Advisory Board will meet later this year to discuss how to honor Dunner and preserve his legacy.

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