Professor McMurtry-Chubb Publishes New Book Focusing on Race and Contracts

Professor Teri McMurtry-Chubb published a new book titled Race Unequals: Overseer Contracts, White Masculinities, and the Formation of Managerial Identity in the Plantation Economy. The book is a re-imagining of the plantation not as Black and White, but in shades of White male identity. Through an examination of employment contracts between plantation owners and their overseers, and the web of public and private law that surrounded them, this book challenges notions of a monolithic White male identity in the antebellum South.

This not McMurtry-Chubb’s first book, she is also the author of Legal Writing in the Disciplines: A Guide to Legal Writing Mastery (Carolina Academic Press) and a contributor to Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court (Cambridge University Press). Additional publications include The Rhetoric of Race, Redemption and Will Contests: Inheritance as Reparations in John Grisham’s Sycamore Row, 48 Univ. Memphis L. Rev. 889 (2018), for which McMurtry-Chubb received the Teresa Godwin Phelps Award for Scholarship in Legal Communication by the Legal Writing Institute.

McMurtry-Chubb researches, teaches and writes in the areas of legal history and discourse, critical rhetoric and genre analysis. She has lectured nationally on structural discrimination in educational institutions and the workplace and is a leader in designing curricula to facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

At UIC Law, McMurtry-Chubb teaches legal writing and courses in Critical Race Feminism and Social Justice Lawyering. She is also developing modules that address structural racism to be used in core law school classes and was recently named Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development.

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