John Marshall’s 61st Annual IP Conference Offers New Tracks in IT and Privacy, Triples Conference Faculty

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The John Marshall Law School is proud to present its 61st Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference. This one-day conference on Friday, November 3, covers developments in patent, trade secrets and antitrust; trademarks, copyrights and entertainment; and information technology and privacy law. One session will also focus on IP in-house counsel and their strategies.

The scope of this year’s conference will be expanded from past years. The conference will move from principally single-speaker sessions to panels, with plenty of time for audience discussion and questions. As part of this new format, the conference faculty has been expanded to include a greater mix of expert speakers and leaders from government, the judiciary, corporations, NGOs, academia and practitioners. The event features participants from across the country and from Europe and South America, while still drawing extensively from local talent.

“We have over sixty conference faculty from across the U.S. and abroad in 12 sessions,” said Daryl Lim, Director of John Marshall’s Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law. “This is our biggest and best conference yet. We are grateful for the continuing support of the administration, our colleagues and our partners outside John Marshall. To better showcase our conference, we have a website dedicated to giving the latest information about the event.” The website may be accessed at

The Center has also introduced new sponsorship models that allow law firms and corporations to both build brand awareness around “signature events” and give their own attorneys or clients seats based on their sponsorship level. “We want to offer our sponsors a model that better recognizes and rewards their invaluable support for our event,” Lim said.

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