Robert Beaulieu (’78) Establishes Scholarship to Assist Real Estate Law Students


Robert Neil Beaulieu, a graduate of The John Marshall Law School, has endowed a new scholarship at the law school. The scholarship, known as the Heritage Title Insurance Company Scholarship, will assist students who have demonstrated an interest in real estate law through their coursework or extracurricular activities.

Beaulieu graduated from John Marshall in 1978. He now owns the Beaulieu Law Offices in Chicago and Heritage Title Insurance Company.

“I’m donating to John Marshall because of the great education I received, especially in real estate and condominium law,” Beaulieu said. “My education prepared me for involvement in condominium and resort development in Illinois and Florida. I’m happy to pay back a small portion of what I owe the law school and I hope this donation helps a deserving student.”

John Marshall’s Center for Real Estate Law is dedicated to educating and training the next generation of real estate attorneys and real estate professionals in the substance and practice of commercial real estate law. The law school offers M.J. and LL.M. degree programs in real estate law, and a J.D. certificate in sustainability. J.D. students may also choose to pursue a joint J.D./LL.M. degree in real estate law.

Since its creation, the Center has held conferences relating to emerging issues like adapting to climate change, fracking and the interaction between scientists and transactional attorneys, and ones dealing with commercial leasing, shared ownership communities and global real estate investment. The Center’s annual Kratovil Conference brings together leading scholars, practitioners and industry professionals to consider cutting-edge issues important to commercial real estate attorneys, their clients and our society.

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