International Human Rights Clinic Makes Joint Submission to Special Rapporteur

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The International Human Rights Clinic at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago has made a joint submission with LatinoJustice to the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

The submission emphasizes not only the challenges that individuals in Puerto Rico face regarding freedom of expression and access to information, but most importantly, it addresses the duties that government and public officials have in being transparent with the public. The submission aims to shed light on instances where the government of Puerto Rico manipulated and obstructed public information, thus violating the public’s right to information and freedom of expression.

The submission was written by John Marshall International Human Rights Clinic students Jonnsebastian Orozco, Shelby Heffernan, Toni Falligant, Lisiann Rodriguez and Adrianna Unzueta, along with Professor Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak, Clinic Co-Director.

John Marshall’s International Human Rights Clinic is committed to protecting human rights on a domestic, regional and international level. With the Clinic’s work through the Inter-American System, it aspires to contribute to the recognition and development of the normative legal human rights framework and to protect human rights on a global level. The Clinic believes that freedom of expression is essential as a stand-alone human right but that a variety of other human rights should be afforded to all peoples.

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