3L Kelsey Crawley Featured As An “Inspiring Grad”

Kelsey Crawley, a third-year student, was selected by UIC to be part of its “Inspiring Grad” series. She was recommended for the series by Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Tania Luma. 

The Series is a collection of stories about UIC students who are resilient, or have overcome challenges, on the path to graduation. Crawley is scheduled to graduate from the Law School at the end of this semester.

While working as a corrections officer in Massachusetts, Crawley saw a need for reform within the criminal justice system and was drawn to become part of that change.

However, during her time at UIC John Marshall, Crawley faced many personal challenges and thought about dropping out. Crawley decided to meet with Assistant Dean Luma, who suggested she instead consider taking a class on restorative justice, an approach to justice that focuses on resolving problems, repairing the harm and preventing future harm.

Through the Law School’s Restorative Justice Program, Crawley found her stride and eventually ended up on the Dean’s list. She will join her classmates on December 12 for a virtual graduation. 

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