2L Natalie Elizaroff Creates Video Detailing the UIC Law Experience

It’s not always easy for aspiring law students to get a feel for the law school experience, but 2L Natalie Elizaroff is out to change that. Elizaroff recorded and edited her own love letter to UIC Law in the hopes of shining a light on those unknown questions, and it’s clear she thinks UIC Law is the answer.
In the video, featured on the Law School’s YouTube page, Elizaroff details what led her to law school, why she choose UIC Law and some tips on how to be successful.¬†
“When making the video, I wanted to focus on things other than grades ‚Äì because although important and everyone worries about them so much when going to law school ‚Äì there‚Äôs more to it than just grades,” Elizaroff said. “Alumni, friends, and the skills that we pick up along the way, are what really help shape us to be future attorneys and that is what UIC Law provides and what I really wanted to convey through the video.”
She hopes the video will inspire those considering law school to apply to UIC Law.
Elizaroff currently serves as President of UIC Law’s Video Game Law Society, Treasurer of the Student Bar Association and Secretary of the Intellectual Property Law Society. Prior to law school, Elizaroff graduated with a B.S. in Molecular Biology from Loyola University Chicago. After graduation, Elizaroff hopes to practice in the area of intellectual property.

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