Faculty Activities & Publications | July 2021


Professor Steven Schwinn
  • He was a panelist at “Supreme Court Term in Review,” which was hosted by the ACLU of Illinois.
  • He provided analysis on the Supreme Court’s latest term and recent First Amendment and voting-rights rulings in stories from The Hill and Voice of America.
  • He was interviewed by Christian Science Monitor for a story on the rulings and influence of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  

Affiliated Faculty

Professor Evan McKenzie
  • In a Bloomberg Businessweek article about the issue of aging condominiums, he suggests governments should provide low-interest loans to condos to make necessary repairs in return for oversight of their operations.
  • He provided comments for an article about condominium building safety, infrastructure and oversight from The American Prospect.
  • He joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down how increased oversight could help save condominium infrastructures.
  • During interviews with PBS’ NewsHour and NPR’s and WBUR’s “Here and Now,” he spoke about issues related to condominium safety, the buildings’ private governance, the need for public oversight of condo boards, and advice for condo buyers and sellers.

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