Faculty Activities & Publications | January 2016

faculty activities publications

Professor Alberto Bernabe
He provided comments to the Illinois State Bar Association regarding whether it was proper for a judge to impose a high sanction on a Chicago lawyer because of a comment made by a witness he represented.

Professor Cecil Hunt
He has been named the 2015-2016 Author-in-Residence at St. John’s University Law School.

Associate Dean Kathryn Kennedy
Her third article on DOMA was published in Tax Notes: “DOMA Implications for Employee Benefit Plans: Round 3,” 150 TAX NOTES 101 (Jan. 4, 2016).

Professor Jason Kilborn
He provided comments to Bloomberg Business regarding why nearly identical bankruptcy claims yielded vastly different results.

Professor Daryl Lim
He spoke at the Next Generation of Antitrust Scholars Conference at New York University School of Law on Jan. 22 regarding patent holdups.

Professor Ann Lousin

  • She provided comments to WTTW “Chicago Tonight” regarding the importance of impeachment during the 1970 Illinois Constitutional Convention.
  • She provided comments to the Cook County Record regarding whether she believes a Cook County judge made the right decision in striking down a law that limits civil juries to six members.
  • She published a column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding the ratification of the 1970 Illinois state constitution.

Professor Mary Nagel
She was appointed as the Professor-Reporter for the Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Civil Justice.

Professor Timothy O’Neill

  • He published a column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding Illinois’ policy on custodial interrogation of juveniles in serious criminal cases.
  • He published a column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding how state courts can avoid Supreme Court review in decisions favoring criminal defendants. This column was also featured on SCOTUSblog.


Bill McGrath
Associate Director, Center for Information Technology & Privacy Law
He published an article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding the challenges the alcoholic beverage Malort faced when trying to obtain a federal trademark registration.

Lawrence M. Friedman
He was named President of the Customs and International Trade Bar Association.


Nello Gamberdino
He published a column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about e-sports becoming America’s favorite pastime.

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