Heidelberg Professor to Address American Influence on German Constitution

The John Marshall Law School has chosen Professor Dr. Helmut Steinberger from the University of Heidelberg, Germany to speak at the 1995 F. Herzog Distinguished Scholar Lecture. Steinberger will discuss “Historic Influences of American Constitutionalism upon German Constitutional Development.” His speech will begin at noon on October 5.

Currently Director of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign Public and International Law, Steinberger just completed
his term as Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, a comparable court to the United States Supreme
Court. His nomination as expert to the Venice-Commission, Council of Europe came only two years after his presidency
of Arbitral Court between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic under the May 1990
treaty on Economic, Currency and Social Union.

Steinberger was previously a professor of German Public and International Law at the University of Mannheim
after his studies of economics and law at the universities of Munich and Heidelberg. He also spent time in Washington,
D.C. as a research assistant for the Institute of Intemational and Foreign Trade Law.

Steinberger will speak at the 1995 Herzog Lecture at the request of John Marshall Professor John D. Gorby who
sewed as a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign Public and International Law. The Herzog Lectures
originated in honor of Dean Emeritus Fred f. Herzog to encourage distinguished scholars to address diverse issues at
the law school.

The Heidelberg professor will be visiting John Marshall from Oct. 4-6. A complimentary reception will follow the lecture.

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