Law School Purchases Building for Expansion

The John Marshall Law School Board of Trustees has agreed to purchase an additional 38,000 square feet of space with the acquisition of the building at the corner of Jackson and Plymouth Court.

The purchase of the three-story building was announced Thursday, Sept. 30. Plans for the site are under consideration.

“We have long considered expanding our campus, and the right opportunity finally presented itself,” said Dean John Corkery. “This enhanced space will help us accommodate the needs of current and future students, and reaffirm our commitment to our growing student body, our faculty, alumni, and the Chicago legal community.”

In April 2011, the law school will begin a $3.6 million renovation project that will transform the corner of Jackson and State Streets. The 12,000 square feet first-floor space in the State

Street building, now rented by Walgreen’s, will become the new entrance for the law school, and a new space for a student commons, bookstore, and food and coffee service.

“John Marshall’s new State Street entrance gives us more of a presence along Chicago’s South Loop educational corridor, and the expanded space will help consolidate our classroom, administrative, student groups, and clinical facilities,” the dean explained.

John Marshall expanded its facilities in 1996 with the purchase of the top nine floors at 321 S. Plymouth Ct., in a condominium agreement with the Chicago Bar Association, but the law school finds it still needs additional space.

“We’ve simply outgrown that space as well,” said Corkery. “With 1,600 students, we are one of the largest law schools in the country – and our facilities need to keep pace with our growth.”

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