John Marshall Law School Now Offering More Than 50 Online JD Courses

The John Marshall Law School boasts one of the country’s largest catalogs of ABA-accredited distance education courses for law students.

Law students looking to take their lessons to their laptops may now choose from more than 50 online courses at The John Marshall School in Chicago. John Marshall has positioned itself as the leader in online legal education, expanding its J.D. distance education offerings while adapting them to student needs and maintaining a high-quality production value.

“Our goal is to provide interactive, robust online courses that engage students on the same level as being in the classroom and that means leveraging new technology in a variety of ways,” said Chris Bevard, John Marshall’s Assistant Director of Educational Technology. “Student experience is the No. 1 priority when it comes to our online courses. We want students to be as challenged and engaged as they would be in a physical classroom so that their experience online is the same as those students coming to campus.”

Online courses are open to candidates in their second and third years, and visiting students may apply up to six online hours transferrable to a J.D. at their home institution, pending their school’s approval.  Current ABA rules allow J.D. students to take a total of up to 12 credit hours through online learning.

John Marshall offers innovative courses reflective of the school’s most distinguished programs, including Intellectual Property in Internet Transactions and Constitutional & Military Law. A full listing of John Marshall’s online course catalog is available at:

John Marshall is investing in distance education in ways unseen at many other law schools. John Marshall’s online courses are produced in an in-house studio and in the field under the direction of media, instructional and resource specialists who, in concert with faculty, oversee both the production quality, as well as the course content.

“Our online students are every bit as much a part of the John Marshall community as our students here on campus, and we’re continually enriching our online student experience by offering access to virtual events, technology training, social media – all of the things that online students have come to expect from an institution committed to distance education,” Bevard said.

John Marshall provides practicing attorneys the options to earn LLM degrees in employee benefits, estate planning and intellectual property law online, and the law school offers online MS degrees in employee benefits and intellectual property law.

Select J.D. courses available at John Marshall this summer include:

  • Case or Deferred Arrangements
  • Constitutional & Military Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Elder Law: Intro; Financial Aspects & Planning (2 courses)
  • Employee Benefits Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Estate Planning I
  • International Business Transactions
  • International & Comparative Sports Law
  • IP in Business Organizations
  • Leasing Ownership & Management
  • Rights of Publicity
  • Survey of Federal Income Tax
  • Technology & the Law
  • Video Game Law

For more information about John Marshall’s online courses go to

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